Armenian Evangelical Church
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In 1846, 40 Armenians, 37 men and 3 women, founded Armenian Evangelical Church in Bera. The first Armenian Church founded in Northern America was Armenian Evangelical Church which was called Armenian Martirosats Church (1881).

Members and pastors of all Armenian Evangelical churches of America were immigrants from Kilikia and Armenia who survived genocide and persecution. They were determined to save “Mnatsordats” and preserve the Armenian heritage.

In 1992, by God’s will and move of Holy Spirit a revival took place in Vanadzor. In seven rooms rented in the building of statistical administration Armenian Evangelical Church of Vanadzor holds worshiping services with prayers, psalms and praising songs.

Armenian Evangelical Church

Armenian Evangelical Church

Every Sunday they hold a church service inspired by the full and rich sense of the Bible and preach crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ.

People receive commandments taken from Jesus Christ by messengers of God’s words Pastor Rev. R. Levonian as well as Pastor Assistant Samvel Kirakossian.

In five blocks of the town leaders and teachers of Evangelical Church of Vanadzor carry out Christian seminars for children and youth where they also organize summer camps for about 600 children.

The Church has a Sunday school and groups of adolescents and young people as well as a union of women, a visiting group and a fraternal group.

The Church has ”Salt and Light” quarterly newspaper as well as stringed orchestra which work for the glory of God.

By the assistance of Armenian Missionary Association groups of recitation, theatrical art, football. drawing, carpet knit-work are organized in the Church. Children of the theatrical group of the Sunday school organize events for children devoted to Christmas, Holy Easter, etc.

Pastor assistant of Armenian Evangelical Church of Vanadzor S.Kirakossian has graduated from Armenian Missionary Seminary this year and four sisters continue their studies in the Seminary.

Spiritual service in Armenian Evangelical Church is carried out with unselfish devotion on voluntary principles.

There is difficulty in working out further programs of spiritual activity and implementation of present programs which is connected with the absence of a permanent building. Thanks to God, premises have been bought where a church complex is intended to be built.

May God bless all true Christian churches and Armenian Evangelical Church of Vanadzor, keep them strong and truthful on the rock of Christ’s word, endow them with spirit of devotion by Christ and for the sake of Christ.

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