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Armenian cuisine is considered not only exotic, but also healthy, popular and extremely delicious. Armenians not only like eating, but they are excellent cooks as well. There are fantastic cooks in Armenia, whose talent can be appreciated by a real gourmet. The Armenian cuisine is over 2,000 years old.
What are the historical traditions of the Armenian cuisine? First of all, it is bread. By the way, in Armenian the words ‘to have breakfast’, ‘to have dinner’ and ‘to have supper’ are replaced with an expression ‘to eat bread’.

Armenian cuisine is specifically flavored by greens, (lots of greens!), cheese, vegetables, meat and, of course, “lavash” (flatbread). Armenians eat a lot of bread, mainly “lavash”. “Lavash” is made in a “tonir” (clay ground oven) according to traditional ways.

Peculiar feature of Armenian kitchen is dominance of vegetables in ration: potato, tomato, cabbage, pepper, carrots, cucumbers, beet, sorrel, spinach, asparagus, vegetable marrow, pumpkin, string bean etc. Another feature is using of salt and spices in considerable quantities for preparation of dishes. Savories are treated with garlic, vinegar, yogurt (macun), nuts and sour cream, caraway seeds.

One of the most widespread milk products of Armenian cuisine is “matsun”, which is good for digestion. The so called “tan”, “matsun” mixed with water, is a fine refreshing drink.

There do exist different names for barbeque in various countries, but Armenian “khorovats” has a special taste. The secret of making barbeque lies in the whole process of pre-making: flavoring meat with special herbs and seasonings. That is why “khorovats” – Armenian barbeque has a wonderful taste.
Well-known Armenian “khash” is a special dish. A lot of wonderful qualities are attributed to it, the most important being the so-called sobering effect. They say that Armenian “khash” is so good that even a dead-drunk person becomes sober, healthy and cheerful after eating a plate of this soup. For this reason, all guests are treated to “khash” on the third day of an Armenian wedding.

It is impossible to enumerate the great variety of Armenian dishes, such as “dolma”, “khashlama”, “kufta”, “spas”… and if you do not have to hurry, you can enjoy delicious dishes, good wine and a pleasant conversation already here – in Armenia!

Traditional Armenian cuisine:

Lavash is a thin ellipsoidal slip of baked dough up to one meter long and 50cm wide. Lavash has no crust and therefore no inside, it is soft and flexible.
Basturma is pressed and dried slices of lean beef, previosly soaked in salt and coated with a spicy mash.
Spas-egg and flour pulp is stirred into matsoun (yogurt) deluded with water and boiled together with stewed rice or crushed wheat.
Tolma-the filling is a mix of ground meet, rice and greens wrapped in grape leaves, immersed in water or stock and boiled over low fire.
Harissa-is a kind of homogeneous porridge made of previously stewed and boned chicken and coarsely ground soaked wheat.
Khorovats (barbecue)-the peculiarity of Armenian khorovats is the preparatory maarination of meat, that is the making of bastourma. The meat cubes are salted, sprinkled with black pepper and choped onions.

Most popular Armenian dishes:

The most popular dishes are considered to be dolma made of ground meet in grape leaves and of peas in cabbage leaves, barbeque, khash, kufta, kebab, khavurma, khapama.

The initial dishes – spas, soup with rise, greens, vegetable and fruit soups, prepared with meet, chicken or fish broth. We have both milk and sweet soaps.

Second dish – basturma, suchukh, dolma, mutton, chicken, fish with nut spice, trout.

Dessert –Ecologically pure fruits of the Heavenly Ararat valley nourished by sun and watered by mountain springs of the Armenian Highlands–apricot, cornelian cherry, watermelon, grapes, peach, peer… alani (dried peach full with nut and sugar)….

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