Armenian flora and fauna
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Armenia has a varied plant life. The extreme northeastern parts are rich in forests. The main types of trees to be found in Armenia are oak trees, poplar, lime-trees, willow, maple, walnut trees, apple trees and pear trees.
Wild boars, jackals, lynx and Syrian bears make up the fauna of Armenia. There are 450 species of vertebrates and 1000 species of non-vertebrates in Armenian woods. The Armenian highland boasts more than 850 species of birds many of which (crane, swallow, dove) have become personages of legends.

In his book “Where did civilizations derive from?” David Roll proved that Armenian highland is the very paradise, described in the Bible. Moreover, all peoples originated from the Armenian highland.

armenia flora fauna

Armenia is considered an open-air museum…Nature in Armenia is a real treasure both for the Armenians and for those who have once visited Armenia. Become an “eye-witness” of this miracle and plunge into the world of everlasting beauty!

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