Armenian Culture
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You can gain further insights into Armenian cultural achievements at museums, theaters and concert halls. Theater in Armenia has a tradition dating back to more than 2,000 years. You can attend a wide choice of performances ranging from concerts to Puppet Theater and jazz music.
Armenian Music has an old history – “sharakans”, liturgies and sacred music are purely Armenian and artistically valuable. One of the riches of Armenian musical culture is a national instrument “duduk”, music played on it charms and purifies, its call taking to high mountains and cool valleys of the country. It sounds wonderful especially performed by Jivan Gasparyan.
Komitas – perhaps the most famous Armenian composer, created “khazes” – the Armenian form of musical notation.
There are about 40.000 historical monuments spread across Armenia. Many of these survived ancient monuments in Armenia were built over demolished pagan temples.
The Matenadaran – the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts boasts the world’s largest collection of ancient manuscripts (over 16,000). The collection includes many valuable works of foreign philosophers, some of which have survived only in their Armenian translation. Among these are works by Aristotle, Eusebius of Caesarea and many others. Art aficionados can visit the National Art Gallery displaying its rich collections of works by European and Russian artists.
The art of carpet-making has existed in Armenia since the fifth century B.C. and perhaps the most noteworthy period of Armenian rug weaving is that of the thirteenth century.

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