Armenian history main events

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2104 BC Hayk patriarch establishes Armenian state in the vicinity of Lake Van
XVII BC Hayasa union of tribes (from Hittites written sources) on Northwest of Armenian Highland
XIV-XI BC Kingdom of Nairi
  Ironmaking discovered. Metsamor – iron factory of BC
  Kingdom of Urartu (Ararat) established by Aram
782 BC Fortress of Erebuny (Happy Site) founded
585 BC Urartu collapsed by Median invasion
595BC Paruir Skayordy establishes Yervanduny Dynasty
  Armenia included as satrapy in Akhemenid Empire of Ancient Iran
189 BC Artashes I includes almost entire Armenian Plateau in his kingdom
94-84 BC Tigran II the Great expands its kingdom to Kilikia and Palestine (Armenia from Caspian sea to Mediterranean sea).
69-6 BC Period of wars with Rome
63 AD Trdat I establishes Arshakuny Dynasty (63-428 AD)
301 Christianity adopted as state religion
384 Armenian Church proclaims its principles at II Universal Nikean Council (unchanged since then)
387 Armenia divided between Sassanid Persia and Roman Empire
405 Armenian alphabet shaped by Mesrop Mashtots
IV-V AD “Golden Age” of Armenian literature
451 Battle of Avarayr in defence of Christianity
640 Arab invasion of Armenia
VIII AD University founded at monastery of Tatev
VI-IX Pavlikian and Tondrakian heresies spread over Armenia and Asia Minor.
885 Ashot I establishes Bagratuny Dynasty (885-1045 AD)
1021 Byzantine invasion of Armenia
1048 The first wave of Seljuk Turks on Armenian Highland
1080 Ruben I establishes Armenian Kingdom of Kilikia (Armenia Minor)
1375 Kilikia invaded by Egyptian Sultanate, fall of Armenian kingdom
1512 First book printed in Armenian
1555 Armenia divided by Sefevide’s Persia and Ottoman Empire
1727 Armenian princedoms of Karabagh repel Ottoman aggression
1813 By Giulystan Treaty princedoms of Karabagh proceed under Russian rule
1828 Eastern Armenia (left from Araks River and) included in Russian Empire
1877-1878 Russian-Turkish war. Kars province included in Russian Empire
July 1878 Armenian problem discussed at Berlin Congress
1885-1890 Foundation of Ramkavar-Azatakan, Hnchak and Dashnakcutiun political parties
1895-1896 Over 400.000 Armenians massacred in Ottoman Empire
April 24, 1915 Genocide of Armenians in Western Armenia begun.
May 28, 1918 Independence of the Republic of Armenia declared
1919 State University established
November 1920 Republic of Armenia occupied by Bolsheviks
February 1921 People’s uprising against Bolshevik oppression
1921-1936 Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia included in TransCaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic of the USSR
1923 Bolsheviks transfer Nakhichevan and Karabagh provinces of Armenia to Soviet Azerbaijan
1936 New Constitution adopted. Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic directly included in Soviet Union
1933-1961 Industrialization of Armenian SSR
1978 Metsamor nuclear power plant launched
February 1988 Referendum in Nagorno-Karabagh autonomous region on secession from Azerbaijani SSR. Massacres of Armenians in Azerbaijan.
1991-May 1994 Full-scale armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabagh
21.10.1991 Independence of the Republic of Armenia proclaimed.
1992 Membership to the Commonwealth of Independent States

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