Official holidays in Armenia
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oficial holidays armenia

Constitution Day
Constitution day is an official holiday in Armenia. The constitution of the Republic of Armenia was adopted through a national referendum on 5 July, 1995.

Day of the First Republic
The Day of the First Republic is an official national holiday and is celebrated on 28 May. On this day the Armenians restored the statehood.

Independence Day
Independence Day is an official holiday in Armenia. On September 21, 1991 a referendum was held in Armenia and the Supreme Council of Armenia declared the independence of the Republic of Armenia.

Motherhood and Beauty Day
Motherhood and Beauty Day is the second official holiday dedicated to women. Everyone gives presents to his or her mother on this day.

Amanor (New Year)
New Year in Armenia is celebrated the whole week starting from December 31. During this week people present gifts and congratulate each other, and their homes are open to welcome everyone. Armenian children write about their wishes in the letters addressed to Dzmer Papik (Santa Clause) and believe that they will come true on the New Year’s Eve.

Victory and Peace Day
Victory Day is a holiday throughout the former USSR and is still considered to be an official holiday in Armenia, besides, Armenians celebrate May 9 in honor to liberation town Shushi in Artsakh .

Women’s Day
Women’s Day gains popularity among Armenians and is celebrated on 8 March. Women get presents from men, and the streets are full of flowers. One can hardly find an empty restaurant or a cafe on this day.

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