Why Armenia? Advantages of Armenia

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Advantages of Armenia

Not crowded with tourists (yet)

If you like the crowd’s throng, traffic jams and long queues for a brief glance over many heads at important historical item, Armenia is not your choice. The tourism, increased enormously throughout the world in recent years, is at an early stage of development in Armenia. You’ll be in an exclusive company here. Armenians are not jaded from an influx of visitors and will welcome you with a smile and help you in any possible way. A friendly smile is just that, not the beginning of a sales pitch. If you like untouched nature you’ll find it here too. Tourism in Armenia is the industry of tomorrow. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

Pre-historic and early Christian monuments


Haghpat (X-XIII)

Through all the centuries, Armenia has managed to preserve a wealth of today’s evidence of the evolution of humankind. There are innumerable historical monuments in Armenia. 40,000 are available for visiting and are waiting for an admiring traveler. Most of them are churches. However, only some 4,000 are readily accessible and commonly visited because of the difficulty of reaching the rest. Normally they are open round-the-clock without any admission charge. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

Archaeological sites & excavations

ereburni fortress

Fortress Erebuni (782 BC)

The density of archaeological sites is unbelievable The very capital Yerevan was founded in 782 BC as fortress Erebuni (Happy Site). Another Urartian citadel inside Yerevan – Karmir Blur was built on the ruins of early Bronze Age settlement. Universe maps of Metsamor (Neolithic settlement 3 – 4000 BC), forty-five centuries old observatory of Karahunj, capital of ancient times Armavir, caravan inns alongside Silk Road are just a few examples of what you can see during your tour. Keen traveller can visit dozens of active excavations starting from Paleolithic to Medieval periods. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

Mountain climbing

mountain climbing aragats

mountain climbing

Armenian highlands are a perfect place to practice mountain climbing, from beginner to expert. Thoroughly experienced instructors will guide you. Get acquainted with the tour alternatives available. Join us! Take the advantage of this!


hiking armenia

hiking armenia Tsaghkadzor

Most beautiful landscapes a little off the beaten tracks provide an ideal setting for people seeking rest and recreation for both a beginner and the experienced. Many tour alternatives are available. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

Wine & brandy tastings

armenian wine

Armenian wine

Tours of the wineries and tasting of wine and cognac are very popular in Armenia. Excavation results prove, that first wine grape was cultivated on Armenian Highland thousands of years ago and today the descendants of ancient clans try to retain that heritage. Armenian winegrowers produce three main assortments:

  • Ordinary table wines
  • Branded wines made according to special recipes and maturated from 2 to 5 years
  • Special quality branded wines aged for no less than 3 years

Armenia produces an unchallenged quality brandy (cognac). Armenian cognacs of numerous special brands are aged in oak barrels for 3 to 50 years and are from 40 to 57% proof.
The unique flavour and smooth quality of Armenian cognac and wine is something you must sample for yourself while you are in the country. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

Armenian Cuisine

armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine is noted for its pleasing aroma, as a result of the expert mix of spices employed. Armenians use also many unusual herbs and greens in their cooking. The most exotic are collected at alpine meadows and combined in the most unexpected way. The taste will challenge even the most refined expert.

Many of Armenian specialities are barbecued. You can taste traditional shish-kebab almost everywhere. The standard bread of the country, called lavash, is renowned for its quality. It is only about the thickness of one or two sheets of newspaper and the best is like a parchment Armenians like to eat lavash with local cheese or shish-kebab and fresh uncooked greens, using it for wrapping the food as a sort of sandwich. Ask an Armenian how lavash is made or visit any village to see it yourself. You’ll be surprised and impressed.
European conventional bread and common European foods are also readily available. Restaurants, ranging from the luxury class to simple grills cater for all tastes. Join us! Take the advantage of this!


Armenian fruits

Armenian fruits

Armenia is famous for its fruits, some of which are recognised as superior to the same fruits cultivated in other countries at such latitudes.
Grapes of some 40 kinds grow on the territory of Armenia, mainly on the Ararat valley. Peaches and apples, pears and cherries, pomegranates and figs are delicious.
Apricot grows in Armenia from time immemorial. It has an incomparable taste and is considered the queen of Armenian fruits. You can taste it yourself. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

Mineral Waters

armenia mineral water

Armenia mineral springs

Armenia is rich in thermal and mineral waters such as Jermuk, Bjni, Lichk, Ararat, Lori, Dilijan, Arzni, Hankavan. Near the most famous spas health resorts have been established. Every year they welcome thousands of visitors seeking recreation or curative treatment. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

Cultural activities and local festivals

armenia festival

Armenia folk festival

There is a variety of events for any taste in Armenia: folk festivals, art exhibitions, chamber music, opera, modern and ballet dance, light music and jazz. Performances, by local artists, meet the most exacting standards. Permanent repertoires of theatres and orchestras are supplemented by a wide range of guest performances The theatrical fare of Yerevan is varied and interesting enough to please the most discriminating connoisseur. The bargain prices will amaze you. Churches and monasteries keep their customs and traditions alive and annual religious festivals and public feast days are celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm in a remarkable atmosphere.
Armenia is deservedly proud of its unique cultural heritage and is always glad to share it with you. Join us! Take the advantage of this!

An economical vacation

How much would you pay for a world-class concert or opera? In Yerevan you would have one of the best seats in the house for about $6 US. In principal, the same relative cost applies to just about everything in the country. To see the third-rich collection of painting of the former USSR you have to pay $2 US.
How about a respectable bottle of wine for $2-7 US? The diversity of wine and brandy sorts is simply astonishing. There are round-the-clock markets at any block of Yerevan. All homemade products – meat, grapes, fruit, cheese, etc. – are 100% natural because of simple absence of steroids and chemical fertilisers in Armenia.
This country is ideal for many kinds of shopping and you can find good values in antique and new hand made carpets, jewelry, souvenirs in various forms and other objects of popular art and traditional craft Prices are commonly about 25% lower than in Western Europe.
Shopping for souvenirs is especially gripping at Vernissage- a weekend Arts and crafts fair where local painters, artists, artisans and hand crafts people display and sell their wares. Also, in the same park, there is a gold market that runs Monday to Friday. Expect the prices to be 1/3 of what you would pay at home for artisan’s products from jewellery to carvings to modern and antique rugs and everything in between. You can find some truly remarkable and skilled work at the Vernissage, and, with a bit of luck, items of exceptional value and rarity.
Silver, semiprecious stones, mainly obsidians, hand-made souvenirs, carvings, jewellery, paper crafts, embroidered fabric and wooden products will be a particularly good bargain, not only at the Vernissage but also at the regular stores. As a broad indication the following can be mentioned as the main shopping areas:

  • Republic Square – Abovian street
  • Matenadaran – Mashtots avenue
  • Opera House – Tumanian street
  • Marshal Bagramian Avenue – Kassian street – Komitas street

A stay in Armenia can be arranged to cater for any budget level.
Join us! Take the advantage of this!

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