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  • National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Armenia
    56 Tumanian st. Tel: +37410.527992, 533391
  • Yerevan State Chamber Theatre
    58 Mashtots Ave. Tel: +37410.566378 566070
  • “G. Sundukian” National State Academic Theatre
    6 G. Lusavorich Tel: +37410.527670
  • Metro Theatre
    “Garegin Nzdeh” Subway Station Tel: +37410.422742
  • State Theatre of Musical Comedy
    4 V. Sargsyan st. Tel: +37410.580101
  • Yerevan State Theatre of Youth
    58 M. Mashtots Ave. Tel: +37410.566378
  • State Russian Drama Theatre by Sundukian
    7 Abovyan st. Tel: +37410.569199
  • State Musical Chamber Theatre
    M. Baghramyan Metro Station Tel: +37410.270740
  • Hamazgain Theatre
    1 Isahakian st. Tel: +37410.524723, 524733
  • State Theatre of Pantomime
    36 Isahakyan st. Tel: +37410.561855
  • Theatre of Young Spectator
    46 Mashtots Ave. Tel: +37410.566378, 566070
  • State Theatre of Marionettes
    43 Mashtots Ave. Tel: +37410.562450
  • Drama Theatre by Hrachya Ghaplanyan
    28 Isahakyan st. Tel: +37410.524723, 524733
  • “H. Tumanian” State Theatre of Puppet
    4 Sayat Nova Ave. Tel: +37410.563243

Concert Halls:

  • “Karen Demirchyan” Cultural Center
    Tsitsernakaberd Park Tel: +37410.399913, 390001
  • “Aram Khachaturyan” Concert Hall
    46 Mashtots Ave. Tel: +37410.560645
  • “Komitas” Chamber Music Hall
    1 Isahakyan st. Tel: +37410.526718
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State Puppet Theatre of Lori in Vanadzor

Vanadzor State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1993 by Sergey Melikian. On March 1, 1994, the first play, “The dog and the cat” by Tumanian was performed on the stage of the theatre.

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State Dramatic Theatre after Hovhannes Abelian

Vanadzor State Dramatic Theatre named after Hovhannes Abelian was founded in 1931. In the initial period of activity it consisted mainly of members of local theatric groups and students of Tbilisi Armenian Theatre studio. The first play performed on its stage was “Outburst” by Yanovskiy (director Ash-Mat, scene-painter K. Minasian). Casting of the theatre included [...]

armenian philharmonic orchestra
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Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra was formed some 70 years ago in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Today the more than one-hundred piece ensemble makes it home in the Khachaturian Hall in central Yerevan. As the leading symphony orchestra in Armenia, it routinely performs weekly concerts in Khachaturian Hall. The Armenian Philharmonic is a unique [...]

puppet theatre yerevan
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State Puppet Theatre

The State Puppet Theatre named after H.Tumanian is one of the most interesting places of entertainment in Yerevan, popular with both children and adults, Yerevan inhabitants and guests of the capital-city. It was founded in 1935 and is housed in an original building interesting for its inner design. This theater has a long and eventful [...]

sundukyan theatre
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The Sundukyan Drama Theatre

The edifice of the State Academic Armenian Drama Theatre, founded in 1922, named after Gabriel Sundukyan, is one of the loveliest and a very interesting examples of modern architectural design in Yerevan. Its spacious foyer opens onto the winter garden with a pool. The blank wall of the foyer is decorated with a panel by [...]

sport and concert complex
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Sport and Concert Complex

Major stage shows and gala performances in Yerevan as well as sport competitions are held at the Sport and Concert Complex, an interesting architectural structure in itself. Its two halls, seating 5000 and 1500 spectators, are joined by a revolving platform, which enables great sport competitions, stage shows, gala meetings etc. The complex perfectly blends [...]

Komitas Chamber Music Hall
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Komitas Chamber Music Hall

The concert hall for chamber music stands in the center of Yerevan, confined by the Circular Boulevard. Here concerts of organ music and recitals are held. The music hall was built in 1978 (architect: Stepan Kyurkchyan). It named in honor of Komitas, a.k.a Soghomon Soghomonyan. The building of the theatre is famous for its original [...]

opera and ballet theatre
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Opera and Ballet Theatre

Spendiarov opera in Yerevan is world class and is housed in a building that is one of real architectural delights of Yerevan. The Opera and Ballet theatre ensemble rises aloft in the center of Ankakhutyan (Independence) square. The theatre building comprises two halls – an opera hall capable of receiving 1260 spectators, and a grand [...]