State Puppet Theatre of Lori in Vanadzor
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Vanadzor State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1993 by Sergey Melikian. On March 1, 1994, the first play, “The dog and the cat” by Tumanian was performed on the stage of the theatre.

During seven years of the theatre activity 20 plays were performed and presented to the judgement of the audience:

  • H. Tumanian “Dog and cat”
  • H. Tumanian “Silly man”
  • E. Chepovetski “Pup and bear”
  • A. Hovsepian “Trial of fox”
  • A. Pushkin “Priest and Balda”
  • H. Tumanian “Shrove-tide”
  • H. Tumanian “Greedy man”
  • S. Melikian “Puppets are joking”
  • E. Manarian “Three pigs”
  • S. Khalatian “Incredible adventures”
  • Brothers Grimm “Red cap”
  • S. Melikian “New Year lights”
  • H. Tumanian “Liar”
  • H. Tumanian “Failure Panos”
  • Dz. Abrahamian “Krdguhi and mrchuhi”
  • S. Melikian “Concert program”
  • S. Melikian “Adventures of the king chem-chem”
  • S. Melikan “The crown has been lost”
  • A. Saribekian “House of hare”
  • Karnaukhova “Reddish flower”

Performances of “Blue giant” of S. Alikhanian and “New age” of S. Melikian are under preparation.

From 1994 to September, 2000, the theatre has greeted about 25 000 spectators. The theatre has presented its performances also in Gugark district, Stepanavan, villages of Ashotsk and Tavush districts, Dilidjan, Ijevan, Spitak and villages of Spitak district, Artsakh, Georgian villages and towns inhabited by Armenians, Tbilisi, Gjumri and Yerevan. In 1997-1998 it has performed its plays on the stages of Paris, Lyons and Marseilles. Every months the theatre presents charitable performances for children of perished soldiers of Vanadzor and Spitak, children of large families and children of socially insecure and needy families.

In the first national children’s theatres festival organized in Yerevan in 1997, Vanadzor puppet theatre was recognized the best children’s theatre of Armenia and was rewarded honorary deeds by Ministry of Culture and Union of Theatre Actors. In 1998 the theatre also participated in the second national children’s theatres festival and was rewarded the best prize.

Being the only and the most beautiful children’s cultural center in Vanadzor, the theatre always provides its building to schools and kindergartens for organization of events, concerts and parties. “Green garden” foyer of the theatre serves for exhibiting works of students of the town children’s art center, art school and individual artists.

Cast of the theatre:

  • S. Melikian, art director
  • S. Margarian, actor, puppet-player
  • E. Avagian, actor, puppet-player
  • K. Kocharian, actor, puppet-player
  • N. Arakelian, actor, puppet-player
  • K. Gasparian, actor, puppet-player
  • V. Yeghsharian, actor, puppet-player
  • A. Melikian, art designer
  • N. Matinian, producer
  • Al. Smbatian, music-designer
  • J. Zargarian, assistant producer

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