Archaeological museum of Lori-Pambak
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In 1936 the archaeological museum of Lori-Pambak with God’s bless celebrated its birthday making the first steps of the activity under the roof of St. Astvatsatsin Church of Vanadzor. Since 1930-ies Gharakilisa (in 1935 it was renamed Kirovakan, in 1992 – Vanadzor) had been turned into a great building ground.

During the excavations residence places and mausoleums were discovered in the territories rich in the archaeological monuments (Kosi Choter, Mashtots Hill, Tagavoranist, Dimats). Due to the native archaeologist, a collaborator of Monuments Preservation Committee, Eghia Momjian’s effort who had entirely devoted his life to his nation and its history, the discovered archaeological material was concentrated in St. Astvatsatsin Church and this became the basis of the archaeological museum.

Today the museum is located in Railroader’s park in temporary accommodations next to Russian Church. The museum has passed its 50 years’ way from church to church. The number of the museum exhibits comes to 32.000 which are classified under the following parts – archeology, ethnography, new history. The archaeological department involves the models of the material culture found in the residence places and mausoleums (tools, swords, spears, daggers, pieces of furniture, earthenware, decorations and ornaments) which witness that our ancestors had inhabited this territory at dawn of human civilization. The ethnographic department embraces the mode of life and the economy representing exhibits – agricultural instruments, primitive machine tools, basins, saucepans, candlesticks, rugs, carpets, various belts which testify to the high level of the crafts development and other branches of the economy in Lori region. The exhibits of the new history department represent the history of Vanadzor, Lori-Pambak in XIX-XX centuries, the distinguished people’s activity and the history of economic and cultural relations between adjacent countries.

Some activities are taken up on the classification, scientific elaboration and preservation of the museum exhibits. The workers spread gathering, researching, popular scientific, exhibiting and demonstrative activity. The museum aims at reaching a recognition among the young population of the town, developing thorough respect and dignity towards the history and culture of our country.

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