The State History museum

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The State History Museum presents the history of Armenia and contains unique collections of priceless relics and materials on Armenian history, culture and art from the dawn of its civilization to our days.

Its permanent exhibits demonstrate original items of material culture, which have come down to us from remote ages. The exhibition begins with objects relating to the period of Stone Age society. The most ancient exhibits here, simple obsidian implements were made by primitive inhabitants more than 600,000 years ago. Other items of more accurate workmanship, some of them even polished – such as stone axes, knives scrapers, spear and arrow heads – belong to a latter period – the Neolithic.

The museum possesses a unique collection of ancient vehicles – carts and chariots – some of which are more than 3500 years old. Many of them are richly decorated with fine carvings. In the ethnic section visitors will find the traditional dress, carpets, amulets and farming implements of great interest.

The pride of the museum is the section devoted to the first state formation on the territory of the former USSR – the state of Urartu. Here you can see the bronze armour of King Argishti I, the founder of Yerevan (787-760 BC) and King Sarduri (760- 730 BC), statuettes, pitchers, coins, jewelry, household utensils and many other unique items discovered on the territory of Armenia. Other sections of the museum contain exhibits relating to various periods of Armenian people’s history from the establishment of the kingdom of Greater Armenia to the present days .

Besides the permanent exhibitions, special major exhibitions are regularly staged in the museum.

Armenian History Museum

Armenian History Museum

Working hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 11.00-18.00 (no entrance after 17.15)
Sunday: 11.00-17.00 (no entrance after 16.15)

The Museum is closed on:

National Holidays and memorial Days


Entrance fee – 1000 drams

For students, pensioners and pupils – 300 drams

Guided visit (in Russian, English, French and German) – 5000 drams

Guided visit in Armenian – 3000 drams

Entrance is free for:

museum workers, state official delegations, students of cultural heritage, representatives of international social organizations, members of Artists’ Unions, servicemen, journalists (it is obligatory to present a document confirming the status)
last Saturday each month
second Friday each month for groups of pupils and teachers accompanying them

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