Erebuni Museum
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The Museum of Erebuni

Welcome to one of the most famous museums of Yerevan – the Fortress Town of Erebuni, ancient forerunner of Yerevan, located at the hilltop of Arin-Berd.

Erebuni, together with such splendid works of architecture, as the towns of Arghishtikhinili, Taishebahini etc., represent in the territory of modern Armenia the period when in the ninth century BC Urartu, one of the mightiest states in Ancient Orient, came into being in the mountainous area of Armenian Plateau. The ruins of Erebuni and Taishebahini find themselves within the confines of Yerevan, one of the most ancient cities in the world, celebrating its 2785-th anniversary in 2003, the name of which is traceable to Urartian town of Erebuni. This famous citadel, of both architectural and historical interest, has been partially restored and made into an open-air museum. The ruins of a giant fortress, with large, decorated temples, palaces and other monumental structures, ringed by a system of walls with buttresses and towers are still much in evidence. This stronghold, once acted as a military and administrative center on the northeast of the kingdom, was founded in the last quarter of the 8th century by the king Argishti on the site of much earlier settlement.

In the pathway of the entrance to the fortress Erebuni museum is located. It was built in 1968 in commemoration of the 2750-th Anniversary of Erebuni-Yerevan. This museum gives visitors the introduction to the fortress, representing numerous exquisite artifacts found during the excavations in the depth of the hill Arin-Berd – huge jugs, beautiful bowls, Urartian seals, bronze arms, ornaments and coins. They represent an exceptional combination of traces of different rich cultures – Urartian, Iranian – of the times of the Achaemenid Kingdom and early Armenian.

fresco of khaldi

Fresco of Khaldi (8th century BC - fresco and pigment)

Visit Erubuni, and you will have a wonderful opportunity to see a unique “document” certifying the date of birth of the legendary fortress and the very beginning of the city of Yerevan. The stone slab that lasted well for 27 centuries is inscribed in cuneiform dated 782 BC. It says:

By the grace of the great god of the Khaldians
I, Argishti, son of Menua,
Erected this fortress
Naming it Erebuni
To the glory of the land of Biaina and the terror of its foes.
Argishti hereby proclaimeth: “This land was a desert,
But I performed on it great feast of creation.”
By the grace of the great god of the Khaldians, Argishti, son of Menua,
All powerful king, king of the land of Biaina,
Lord of the city of Tushpa.

Erebuni Museum

Erebuni Museum

38, Erebuni Ave.
Erebuni Museum, khachik Dashtents St,
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +374.10.573.202

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