Museum of Modern Art
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Museum of Modern Art of Armenia was founded in 1972 by art critic Henry Igityan and has become the first specialized museum of modern art in the former Soviet Union. It still remains one of the most frequently visited places of Yerevan. The unusual building of the museum is the only one in Yerevan constructed in adherence to the style of neoconstructivism. The exposition of the museum reinforces the perception of its architectural forms. The diversity of coloring, artistic expression and techniques give the idea of various trends in modern Armenian painting.

In the museum you can learn about the history of the development of the Armenian contemporary art, beginning from the sixties. The collection of the museum is rather rich and is regularly supplemented with new works. It consists of an original exposition of works orientated towards the alloy of national traditions with the European and American avant-gardism.

The permanent exposition includes works of the representatives of Armenian “classic modern”, the elder generation of the masters (M.Avetisyan, V.Galstyan, H.Hakobyan, M.Petrosyan, etc.) and it is frequently enriched by works by young artists picked out from the exhibitions, hold in the museum. The exhibitions of the Museum of Modern Art change constantly.

Working hours
10am-6pm Tue-Sun

AMD 800

7 Mesrop Mashtots Poghota

10 53 53 59

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