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Mount Aragats is one of the highest mountains both in Caucasus and Armenia. It has four peaks, which are the northern 4096m, the western-4080m, the eastern-3916m and the southern-3879m. If you are brave enough and would like to test your hiking and climbing abilities then our experienced instructors will lead you in the ascent of the highest northern peak. Afterwards a surprise is awaiting you! You get a special certificate verifying the ascent.



You will be fascinated by the surrounding panorama, be captured by the beautiful sunrise and sunset, and admire the charming lake expanding between the four peaks. There is another large bed but it is an extant crater. You’ll explore ancient “vishaps” (dragons) carved near the water sources as rare examples existing from pagan times and witnessing the traditions of worship in that period.

You will see the Byurakan Observatory and the Research Institute of cosmic rays the brunch of the Institute of Physics. The early medieval fortress of Hamberd is erected on the southern slope of Aragats Mount, on the junction of the Arkashen and Hamberd rivers.

Byurakan Observatory

Byurakan Observatory

The fortress was of great defensive significance. The people of nearby villages came here to find shelter when were attacked by the enemy. The rugged cliffs make the fortress inaccessible from three sides. The thick rampart runs around the three-storied palace complex, the church (1026), the bathhouse (X-XI cc) provided with hot and cold water system. The church is quite imposing despite the lack of exterior ornamentation and bears the architectural features typical of that period. You will have an ample time to walk around and get to know closer the complex and be captivated by the appealing scene.

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