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Armavir, the capital of the Orontid dynasty from the 4th-2nd c BC, was centered on the taller, steeper volcanic hill, not far from the modern Armavir. Though Ervandashat replaced Armavir as first capital and then by Dvin, it maintained substantial habitation through the medieval period, judging from the glazed pottery fragments still to be found. There is a substantial temple platform on the summit, and extensive house walls on the West Side. Outside the wall 7 inscriptions on ancient Greek were carved into two rock faces, a reminder of Hellenistic influence on the Orontid kings. These inscriptions, probably carved around 200 BC, include a snatch of poetry regarding the Archaic Greek poet Hesiod, a pastiche of lines from Eurides, a list of Macedonean months and some fragmentary letter texts.

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