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The village of Dsegh is located in the naturally beautiful region of Gougark, deep inside Debed River gorge. In 1979 it had a population of 2554.

It is one of the oldest inhabited spots in Armenia and has been named village and prospering town by in manuscripts. The name Dsegh comes from Armenian words describing “outside place” referring to the remote location of the village.

The village and its surrounding area is rich with historical architectural examples such as a basilica (654), churches founded by the Mamikonian family, the medieval cemetery, the highly artistic cross stones, Forty Martyr’s Monastery, bridges, remnants of a oil press, etc. The Bartsrakash St. Gregory’s Monastery (10th -13th cc.) is located 2 km northeast of the village hidden deep within the forest. Along with its several churches the cemetery of the Mamikonian princes with beautifully carved cross stones and gravestones is located here.

Lake in Dsegh

Lake in Dsegh

The Great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan was born in Dsegh. In 1969, the people celebrated the 100th Anniversary of his birthday and his House-Museum was opened for the occasion.

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