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The city of Goris, located 254 km southeast of Yerevan, is situated on either side of the Goris River, a tributary of the Vorotan.

In medieval times, Goris was part of the Haband region of the Siunik province. Before becoming a modern city, Goris was a village on the left bank of the river that made of dwellings in natural caves, structures dug into caves and nearby buildings. Of these the most noticeable is the small fortress. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Melik-Huseinian family settled here and built its castle and church. The modern day city was established in the 1870′s. It was the administrative center of the Zangezour region first then of the Goris region afterwards.

Man first began to settle in the Goris valley very early on according to objects found at archeological sites nearby. One of the oldest settlements of man is called the “Nests of Gyavour” located directly north of Goris. Different village settlements have appeared and disappeared during the centuries but old Goris as village and town have remained for centuries.

Stone Forest in Goris, Armenia

Stone Forest in Goris, Armenia

The towns monuments are the Chapel of Khachin Aghpyur, the Chapel of St. Martiros, the Tsageri Dzor ruined village with its twin churches, Dzagedzor Monastery, etc. The Axel Bagounts House-Museum was opened in 1972.

Writers A Bagounts and Sero Khanzadian, troubadour Ashot and professor R. Tsolian are natives of Goris.

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