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Idjevan is a town located 142 km north of Yerevan and is situated on both sides of the Aghsdev River. It is the administrative center of the Region of Tavoush. In 1976, the town had a population of 15000. The name Idjevan comes from the Armenian word meaning hostel and is tied with the old caravansary which exited centuries ago and remains today, in a village named Caravanserai, 10 km south of town.

In medieval times the town belonged to the Dzorapor region of the Gougark province of Greater Armenia. The old village was destroyed during Shah Abbas’ occupation of Armenia in the 17th century. The present day town was founded at the end of the 18th century by immigrants from the Karabagh and Yerevan Khanates. In the 1830′s after the annexation of Armenia into the Russian Empire, Caravanserai was placed in the Ghazakh region and in the 1860′s it was one of the main stops on the Yerevan-Dilidjan-Caravansaray-Tibilisi state highway.

It was in Caravanserai that Armenia declared itself a Soviet Socialist Republic in 1920. During the Soviet regime, the village tuned into the city of Idjevan and became an administrative and industrial center.

Being an old inhabited area, unfortunately, there are no historically important architectural monuments in Idjevan. Archeological evidence suggests that this area has been populated since the early Bronze Age. Remnants of old villages, churches, cross stones, cemeteries and others are kept. Caravanserai had a parochial school, which was established in 1858.



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