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The village of Khndzoresk is located 8 km east of Goris on the route to Stepanakert, on a plateau deep inside a gorge. The old the and new villages bore the name Khndzoresk. Old Khndzoresk was part of the Haband region of the Siunik province. It was known as a center of manuscript writing.

The history of Khndzoresk is quite old and rich. Dwelling areas around the village that have not been properly dug up and studied archaeologically suggest that it has been inhabited since the formation of the Siunik province. The ancient inhabitants used the surrounding high caves as homes where they would skillfully climb up to them using ropes. These caves were not only a roof over people’s heads but also an excellent source of protection. With the leadership of David Bek, the people of Khndzoresk played an important role in the struggle for liberation at the beginning of the 18th century. The local fortress served as the seat and battle station of General Mkhitar from 1728-30.

Old Khndzoresk

Old Khndzoresk

Old Khndzoresk was the largest village in Eastern Armenia. At the beginning of this century it had seven schools and close to 8300 inhabitants.

New Khndzoresk was founded in the 1950′s.

Architectural monuments of Khndzoresk include the St. Hripsime’s Church (1663), St. Thaddeus’ Church (17th c.), and the small fort in the center of the village.

Khndzoresk has many famous sons and daughters. The graves of General Mkhitar and Prince Barkhoudar of Zangezour are located here.

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