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Sardarapat is in Armavir region, near the border with Turkey. This memorial complex was built to commemorate the battle between Armenia and Turkey on 24 May 1918. The Turkish government’s aim was to capture and unite not only Western and Eastern Armenia and Transcaucasus but also to bring to the end its plan of genocide towards our people. The Armenians won the battle on this site and escaped from massacre.

It is a park-memorial consisting of different architectural parts each having a particular significance expressing the power and strength of the nation fighting a battle for survival. You will walk the stairs up to the bull statues, which carefully guard the entrance to the park-memorial. In front of you rises the bell-tower, the bells of which toll every year on the day of the battle. An alley with the statues of eagles to the right, as if guarding the peace of the place, leads to the memorial wall representing various stages of Armenian history beginning from Dragon-killer Vahagn to flourishing Soviet Armenia. Through the arch you can see an imposing red building. That is Museum of Ethnography constructed on the best palace and church building traditions of medieval Armenia. This three-hall building with Armenian type of roofing called “hasarashen” exhibits the ethnographic treasures of the nation. Besides, you can try your skills in rug- weaving. The corner windows will provide you with an excellent view over the Mount Ararat.



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