International University of Lori
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Historical essay

International University of Lori (formerly Vanadzor Branch of Ivanteev University) was founded in 1995. In the initial period there were 4 faculties:

  • juridical
  • foreign languages (the English language, translation/interpretation)
  • economical
  • biological

Specialized laboratories, a library, computer service were available at the University. Teaching process was realized by highly qualified staff of professors and teachers according to the program of higher educational institutions. The following faculties are available at the University:

  • Faculty of law (civic rights, civic law-suit, business law, court expertise, criminal law, criminal law-suit)
  • Faculty of foreign languages (teacher of English, French, German, translator, international correspondent)
  • Faculty of economics (finances and credit, economy and management of enterprise, accounting and audit, marketing and promotion)
  • Faculty of merchandising (merchandising and goods expertise, management)
  • Faculty of biology (technology of medicine, nature protection, forest economy, teacher of biology)
  • Faculty of computer graphics and design (computer operating, graphics and design)
  • Faculty of international economic relations (world economics)
  • Faculty of chemistry (technology of organic and non-organic materials, technology of composed materials, teacher of chemistry)


Chairs of public sciences, languages, natural sciences and law carry out activity in the scientific works of the University.


The University has 5-year old history of scientific-pedagogical activity. In the years of 1998-99 the University had its first graduates on a series of specialties. Both individual and external study programs are available at all faculties. During years of study students are able to use Internet service, specialized laboratories and a library. “International University of Lori” newspaper edited by the University is periodically published. Duration of studying at the University is 4 years, graduates receive Degree of Bachelor. The best students are provided with the opportunity of taking part in scientific-research works headed by the staff of professors and teachers with the aim of participating in post-graduate studies as well as receiving scientific degrees and working at the University.

The University program corresponds to that of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov and Moscow University of Law and Commerce. Graduates receive diplomas of Russian Federation. Vanadzor Representation of Moscow University of Law and Commerce licensed by Russian Federation operates at the University.

International connections

The University is a respectable member of International Academic Union.
The principle administration is New York, USA .
The University has close connections with Moscow Academy of Creativity and Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.

Collaboration with state and private higher education institutions

The University collaborates with Moscow Academy of Creativity, University of Law and Commerce, Vanadzor State Teachers’ Training Institute.

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