Lori regional administration

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The territorial policy as well as the coordination of Services of the State Territorial Executive Bodies (SSTEB) is implemented by the Governor, through the functional subdivisions of Marzpetaran (Regional Administration).

Regional Administration office

Regional Administration office

The department of LSG Bodies and Coordination of SSTEB is responsible for the link between the Marzpetaran and the LSG and controls the implementation of the State Law about the Self-governance by the communities.

This department is in charge of periodic analysis of the LSG activities, identify issues requiring urgent solutions and submission of those to the Governor.

There are 105 rural and 8 urban communities. The structure of village municipalities depends on the number of community population based on which the following model of staff is worked out (excluding the community leaders):

  • 3 positions for communities with up to 500 population
  • 4 positions for communities with up to 1.000 population
  • 5 positions for communities with up to 3.000 population
  • 6 positions for communities with up to 5.000 population
  • 8 positions for communities with up to 10.000 population

Departments of Marzpetaran (Regional Administration office)

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture Protection of nature
  • Education
  • Social welfare
  • Territorial Self-governance
  • Transport and sub-branches of Economy
  • Urban construction
  • Financial-economic


  • Culture, Sport & Youth
  • Information & Public relations

A territorial administration and Local self-government (LSG) of administrative divisions is implemented in the region. The territorial administration is the implementation of state government in the region in accordance with the territorial policy of the Republic of Armenia.

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