State Engineering university of Armenia (SEUA)
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University history

The Vanadzor branch of State Engineering University of Armenia (formerly – State Polytechnic Institute) was founded in 1959.

Specialities and forms of education.

In 1959 the first students in the following specialities were:

  • Machine – building technology, Metal cutting machines and tools
  • Technology of inorganic materials

began to be trained. Evening department was also started.

  • 1960. The students in the specialities: Industrial and Civil Construction Evening department was also carried out.
  • 1963. Admission of students in the above mentioned specialities as well as day department. Admission plan was 51 students in day department and 107 in the evening department.

New specialities and period of education.

  • Construction road machines and equipment started 1979 till 1991, day education.
  • Manufacture of construction items and structures 1979 – 1992 both day and evening departments.
  • Computers 1981 – 1993, day – time education.
  • Technology of sewing manufacture since 1989 till present.
  • Control System. 1981 – 1999 day – time education.

Dynamics of the students admission was increasing and witting 1978 – 87 years acceptance was 300 – 350 students a year. Total number of students being trained during that period of time in the branch reached up to 1300 – 1690, and the total number of the lecturers staff was approximately 120 persons 35 per and among them had scientific degrees.

The branch after the Spitac Earthquake in 1988

Before the earthquake about 1500 students were trained in the branch 15 chairs in three Faculties operated including 120 lecturers 5 per and of them had scientific degrees.

A disastrous December of 1988 stamped the further fate of the branch. All the building of the campus were significantly damage. On that day it was very difficult to predict the further fate of the branch. The depth of the grief of the Armenian people was measureless as well as the strength of their spirit. Despite difficulties within the shortest times temporal cabins and structures were built. This allowed continuing the process of education.

The time of changes

On the 2 of November, 1992 according to the decision of the Armenian Government Erevan Polytechnic Institute and its branches were renamed State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) and Kirovakan branch of it was named Vanadzor Campus of SEUA. The structure of the letter was also changed. The training process was organized as a two-department structure. The University accepted a multistage education system according which Vanadzor Campus performed training of bachelors by four year training program.

Vanadzor Campus today.

Director of the Campus is M.Simonyan

After accepting the university system of training both structure of the Campus and specialities have changed.

Departments and sectors.

As the basic principle of the Campus arrangement a two-department system was accepted. Responsible for general engineering education and school – college is vice director A.Kharatyan and responsible for specialized engineering education is director M.Simonyan.

  • 3 sectors constitute the General Engineering Department:
  • Humanitarian and physical Culture
  • Mathematics and Graphics
  • Physics and Mechanics

Specialized Engineering Department consists of 5 sectors:

  • Machine-building technology
  • Control Systems
  • Textile Engineering
  • Building Engineering
  • Chemical Technologies

Specialities and specialization

Besides traditional specialities such as: “Machine – building technology”, “Chemistry of inorganic materials”, “Civil and industrial construction”, “Technology of sewing manufacture” training in the following present day advanced perspective specialities: “Maintenance and technical service of vehicles and technological machines and equipment”, “Economy of Enterprises and Management (in machine – building branch)”, “Electric power systems and networks, Electric supply Traffic Control is also carried out”.

Professor – lecturers staff and students number

Disastrous earthquake, the USSR collapse, social – economic hardships, production decrease, all these seriously influence higher educational Establishments. Total number of students, accepted to the University has reduced significantly.

In 1994 plan of admission to the Vanadzor Campus was only 64 students. Later a steady tendency of increasing the number of students was noticed: in 2000 120 applicants were accepted to the Campus, and the total number has reached up to 450. The professors lecturers staff involves 69 workers 29 of them have scientific degrees.

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