Travelling with pets
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travelling with petsLive Animals Regulations of the Republic of Armenia contain detailed provisions for acceptance,
handling and loading, and safe carriage of live animals by air.

  • Small domestic animals (i.e. dogs, cats, birds, etc.) must be accompanied by an adult
    passenger of over 12 (having an adult fare ticket),
  • At the time of passenger ticket reservation the carrier must be notified about such an
  • A health certificate and other documents necessary for transportation of live animals by
    air and required by the appropriate health authorities of the country of departure,
    stopover, transfer and destination should be available,
  • The animals must be carried in well-constructed containers with ventilation openings. It
    must be able to withstand other freight damaging it or causing the structure to bend or
    buckle. It must be rigid enough to prevent the animal escaping through gaps at the joints.

The container must be clean and leak-proof. Absorbent bedding must be provided by the
shipper. The bottom of the container should be watertight, covered with absorbing
materials and the door should be locked.
The following animals and birds are allowed for transportation in the passenger cabin:

  • A dog accompanying a blind passenger, if a special certificate is available. While being transported without a cage they must have a dog collar and a muzzle,
  • Small dogs, cats, monkeys, songbirds (canaries, small parrots, etc.) which together with the cage and food weight not more than 5kg (11.025lb),
  • The size of cage must not exceed the size of cabin baggage, i.e. 0.5m x 0.4m x 0.25m (19.7in x 15.76in x 9.85in). The cage must be placed under the seat or at the legs of the passenger. No feeding is advisable during the flight time. Not more then 4 animals, 2 in each compartment, are allowed to be transported during one flight. Two incompatible animals, i.e. a cat and a dog, a cat and a bird, are not allowed for transportation in one and the same passenger compartment.
  • If the size and weight of the animal, food and cage exceed the above standards, the animal must be transported in the freight compartment of the aircraft.

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