Armenia At A Glance
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Official title: Republic of Armenia

Location: Southwestern Asia, east of Turkey

Borders: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey

Total area: 29,800 km2 (Size of Vancouver Island)

Full location:Republic of Armenia is in the eastern part of the Armenian Plateau bounded north by the Republic of Georgia, east by Azerbaijani Republic, south by Islamic Republic of Iran and west by Turkish Republic

Natural resources: small deposits of gold, copper, molybdenum, zinc, aluminum

Time zone: GMT +4 hours (9 hours ahead of Ottawa)

Climate: highland continental, hot summers, cold winters

Population: 3,5 million

Government: Presidential Republic

Constitution: Adopted by nationwide referendum, July 5, 1995

Ethnic groups: 96% Armenians, 4% Kurds, Yezids, Russians, Jews, Assyrians, and Greeks


  • Official: Eastern Armenian
  • Others: Western Armenian, Russian, English, French, German, Kurdish, Greek, and Hebrew-Yiddish


  • Armenian Apostolic Christian. The head of the church – the Catholicos of all Armenians resides in Etchmiatsin
  • Others: Armenian Catholic, Armenian Protestant, Russian Orthodox, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Assirian Nestorian

Independence: September 21, 1991 (declared from the USSR)

Capital: Yerevan, population 1,2 million

Currency:The value of the Armenian national currency – Dram (AMD). Dram (AMD)=100 lumas

Exchange rate:550AMD=1USD; 370AMD=1CAD
Telephone:International country code: 374 + 1 – (Yerevan), 374 + 9 – Mobile phones

Ethnic Groups: Armenians (94%), Russians (6%), Ukrainians, Yezdi, Kurds, Greeks, Assyrians, Jews, Ouds and others

Flag: armenian flag
More about Armenian Flag

Coat of Arms: coat of arms

National holiday: Independence Day, September 21

Days And Memorial Days

  • From December 31 till January 6
    Christmas Holidays and New Year
  • March 8
    The international day of women
  • April 7
    Day of beauty and motherhood
  • April 24
    Day dedicated to the victims of the genocide
  • May 9
    Victory and peace day
  • May 28
    First Republic day
  • July 5
    Constitution day
  • September 21
    Independence day
  • December 7
    Day dedicated to the victims of earthquake

National, church, professional and other holidays and memorial days are celebrated in Republic of Armenia.

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