Communication in Armenia

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International Country Code: 374

Code used to call Armenia from another country. International Direct Dial Code (IDD): 00 Prefix used to get international access from Armenia.

National Direct Dial Code (NDD): 8 Prefix to call between cities within Armenia.


Ambulance – 1 03

Police – 1 02

Inquiry Office – 1 09

Fire Dep. – 1 01

Taxi Service – 1 85, 666

International Call Order – 1 05

To call Armenia: Dial your country’s IDD code + country code for Armenia + city code in Armenia + local number

International call from Armenia: Dial Armenia’s IDD code + country code of country being dialed + city code + local number

Calls within Armenia: Local Calls Simply dial local number without the city code Long Distance: Dial the NDD code for Armenia + city code + local number

International Calls

In the city of Yerevan you may be able to dial directly to any country in the world. Calling from a large business or a major hotel may be the best way to place an international call. As these organizations may have satellite phone links.

AT&T U.S. Direct 8-10-111 Sprint U.S. 8-10-155

Public Telephones

Public pay telephones are available throughout Armenia and most operate on a calling card basis. Keep in mind that some payphones may not allow international calls. If you need to make such a call, visit the local post office, often they will have telephone services there.

Mobile Telephones

To call a mobile phone within Armenia, one must first dial a 9 (code for analog cellular phone connection), wait for a dial tone, then proceed to dial city code if necessary, and then the local number.

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