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armenia flora fauna
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Armenian flora and fauna

Armenia has a varied plant life. The extreme northeastern parts are rich in forests. The main types of trees to be found in Armenia are oak trees, poplar, lime-trees, willow, maple, walnut trees, apple trees and pear trees. Wild boars, jackals, lynx and Syrian bears make up the fauna of Armenia. There are 450 species [...]

Armenia On Closer Examination

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Crossroads – the word is overused but how more appropriately would you name the place where roads have crossed and still do so, both actually and metaphorically. This has been the case with Armenian history, culture and people. This country has been inhabited since the early Stone Age. It was between Assyria and Hittia, Persia [...]

coat of arms
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Armenia At A Glance

Official title: Republic of Armenia

Location: Southwestern Asia, east of Turkey

Borders: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey

Total area: 29,800 km2 (Size of Vancouver Island)

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