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Influence Of The Armenian Alphabet

The effect of the Armenian alphabet With the national conversion to Christianity in the 4th century, it became necessary to reach the people through religious services conducted in Armenian, and to translate the Bible and scriptures from the Greek. At first Armenians tried to adapt foreign alphabets to fit their language, but Armenian phonetics structure [...]

dictionary english-armenian
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Learn Armenian – brief English-Armenian dictionary

Greetings Hello barev Hello (polite) barev dzez How are you? vonts ek (formal), vonts es Fine, thank you lav em, shnorhakalutyun Very good shat lav Very bad shat vat What’s your name? anoonut eench e? I’m happy oorakh em, yerjanik em I’m hungry sovats em I’m thirsty tsarav em I want oozoom em I don’t [...]

Statue of Mesrop Mashtots at Matenadaran
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Armenian Language

The official language in the Republic of Armenia is Armenian (Hayeren). Russian is also widely used. Major Western languages, such as Spanish, Italian, German, French, and especially English are included in the public school curriculums, and are extensively taught in most colleges and universities. The Armenian language is an independent, one-language subgroup within the Indo-European [...]