The Judicial Branch In Armenia
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In the Republic of Armenia justice is carried out by Courts in accordance with the Constitution and the Law. In the Republic of Armenia, the courts of general competence are: courts of first instance, review courts and the Court of Appeals. There are also economic, military and other courts provided by the Law. The President of the Republic serves as a guarantor of independence of judicial bodies. He is the Head of the Council of Justice.

On February 6, 1996, a Constitutional Court consisting of nine members (five appointed by Parliament and four by the President) was established. The responsibility of this court is to judge the constitutionality of the laws, Presidential decrees, and governmental resolutions. The Court also judges the constitutionality of international agreements and resolves disputes concerning the results of elections and referenda. In February 1996, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia appointed Mr. Gagik Harutiunian the President of the Constitutional Court. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, Chapter 6, Article 96,

“…A judge may hold office until the age of 65, while a member of the Constitutional Court may hold office until the age of 70. They may be removed from office only in accordance with the Constitution and the laws.”

The present Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia operates based on the RoA Law “On Constitutional Court” adopted in 1995 and amended in December 1997.
Armenia is the only former Soviet Republic represented at the Council of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL.) The Council, founded in 1983, boasts over 100 member countries.

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