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Armenia has interesting geographical location – it is landlocked and it influences many aspects of life in Armenia. Landlocked countries are enclosed by lands and do not have possibility to use water resources. Besides, without access to sea it is impossible to trade via sea. Taking into account the fact that the biggest part of international trade is taking place on sea this makes the position of the country unfavorable. Usually countries that have sea access tend to be richer and more people are concentrated in those regions. Still there are two sides of the coin and the fact that Armenia is landlocked protects it from cheap imported goods thus contributing to more robust local products and food systems. As a rule countries feel in a trap when they have landlocked position therefore they try their best to get it in all ways possible sometimes giving away their lands for possibility to use sea ports. But nothing of the kind was made in Armenia. Being secluded it really suffered much from the policy imposed on the country. Turkey genocide is the biggest trouble the country faced in the past.

All this explains why Yerevan airport became strategically important for Armenia.

The expenses on freight is higher here therefore you will have to use flights to Armenia to import goods. As you see this requires substantial resources. Big expenses on international cargo transportation make the international trade less developed and international cooperation is complicated by this factor. Still there is no other way out therefore Armenia airlines are employed a lot. Armenia airport becomes vital for the country as it connects the country with the rest of the world. There is nothing strange that construction of terminals and their security is a national issue of primary importance.

Armenia airport is situated in Zvartnots 12 km away from the Yerevan. Yerevan flights are arranged in Zvatrnots airport from 1961. Renovation of the airport in 1980 helped the place to meet the modern requirements as one more terminal was constructed. At that time it was employed mainly for domestic traffic as country was the republic of Soviet Union.

In 1998 cargo terminal was built with technical equipment that let the country transport by air over 100 thousand tons of cargo every year. With renovation of airport the country became an important linking chain. It makes big contribution to tourism and international commerce in Asia and Europe.

After the last renovation and construction of new terminal (in 2011) any kind of aircraft can fly to Armenia, even Airbus A380. Multiple international airlines are operated there and planes fly to Yerevan from all over the world. There are Armavia airlines alongside with other ones in Zvarnots airport that comprise such destinations as Ankara, Beirut, Moscow, Sochi, Tel Aviv, Athens, Odessa and many others. Seasonal destinations are also arranged. For instance, Armavia tickets to Amsterdam and Marseille can be acquired only during vocational period.

Much attention is paid to security here. Over 150 cameras installed in the airport inside and outside the terminal help to control the situation. Innovative display and identification systems introduced here comply with international demands and air regulations. Security control points as well as check-in points counters increased in number. Zvartnots airport is guarded by Russian Federation that contributes to Armenia air security.

The airport is very comfortable. The terminal is equipped with Wi-Fi, there is a parking area for 800 vehicles and it takes about 2000 square meters. The airport now is able to serve millions of passengers every year.

airlines in Zvartnots, Yerevan
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Airlines in airport of Yerevan

Here is the complete list of airlines, operating in Zvartnots airport of Yerevan:   Aeroflot #12 Amiryan St., Yerevan 375002 Tel./Fax: (37410) 522435, (37410) 532131 E-mail:,   Air Armenia Zvartnots Int’l Airport Tel.: (37410) 520051, (3749) 498936 Fax: (37410) 559503 E-mail:   Armavia Airline Company Co.Ltd #3 Amiryan St., Yerevan [...]

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Swiss Air in Armenia

Swiss Air not only brings Switzerland closer, but also the whole world. Swiss Air takes the shortest and most comfortable route every Tuesday and Friday to Zurich, with return flights every Monday and Thursday. With modern type MD-83 Crossair jets equipped with blue leather seats from front to back. Swiss Air takes you further with [...]

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Yerevan Airport – Zvartnots International Airport (EVN)

The Airport “Zvartnots” is 10km (6 miles) southwest to Yerevan. The airport handles flights from different parts of the world. It has ICAO 2nd category certificate with 24 hours service. There are a Business and 2 VIP halls and modern Duty Free Shops. Country Armenia ICAO UDYZ IATA EVN City Yerevan Time UTC+4(+5DT) Elevation (ft) [...]

Airport in Yerevan

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Airport in Yerevan